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Sherpa is one of the Tibetan ethnic groups native to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas.

– Wikipedia

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The Sherpa’s are seen as the mentors of the mountains, knowing the highest peaks and the darkest caves they knew how to live on and with the mountain. They guide you through a magical environment where you see, feel and hear true nature.

With the same dedication as the Sherpa’s on the high peaks of the himalayas, Team Sherpa wants to give you your best holiday expercience. Being one of the first hotels in Les 2 Alpes, Hotel Le Sherpa (since 1966) is deeply rooted in the resort. Guided by owner ‘Paul van Leeuwen’ it became THE cosmopolitan hotspot in the resort where we want you to feel at home, to see the best of our mountains, to taste our delicious food, to try our selected wines, beers and homemade cocktails, to hear good music and to expercience the greatest service and hospitality around our heating fire tables.

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Sherpa is one of the Tibetan ethnic groups native to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas. The term sherpa or sherwa derives from the Sherpa language words Shyar (“east”) and Pa (“people”), which refer to their geographical origin of eastern Tibet. – Wikipedia

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